Add a Coupon Code to the customer account profile card:

To add a Coupon Code field to profile card, simply open the CustomerHub app and go to 'Customize > Profile Builder' then watch our 1 minute video below:

Where to manually manage coupon codes for customers:

To manage the coupon codes and add them for customers, you'll need to open the 'Customers' tab from the Shopify admin portal and select the customer you'd like to add the code for. You'll then see the 'Metafields' you've created and coupon code field, simply add the code here:



Where to view the Coupon Code field on the customer account:

Once the field has been added, just log into your customer account and you'll see your new coupon code field has been added:


Want to automatically update fields depending on conditions?

Jump into the guide below to find out more:

Use Shopify Flow to create custom field workflows