There's no limit to what you can display. If it's on a Shopify page, you can load it inside the CustomerHub app.

Want to load your Shopify pages directly inside your customer account page? Built a custom form using another app? Have a newsletter you want your customers to see easily? Want to offer discount codes? Whatever you've built on a Shopify page, our app can display it using our menu builder.

Just like in our example below, we'll show you how to easily embed your pages on your customers account page.


To add a Shopify page to your navigation menu.

1. Click on 'Configuration' from within the app.
2. Select 'Menu Builder'.
3. Click 'Add Shopify Page' .
4. Click 'Edit' and from the drop down 'Shopify Page Selected', select the page you'd like to display inside of the customer account page. You can also update the 'Menu Text' and add custom tags (not sure what custom tags are, we have you covered with a link at the end of this article).
5. Choose from one of our growing library of sleek icons.

Once done, feel free to rearrange the menu by simply dragging and dropping your menu items into place.
Happy with your changes? Save it and refresh your customer account section to see the pages added to you navigation menu and watch them load natively inside the account page.



Question: I have an app installed that uses a shopify page ( can I add that using the 'Add Shopify Page' button?

Answer: Yes absolutely. Any Shopify page can be embedded directly into the account page using the CustomerHub app. Simply follow the above guide and embed ANY Shopify page directly into the customer account page.


Question: I want to build a form/newsletter/downloads page/art work page etc, can all of these be loaded directly in the CustomerHub app?

Answer: Yes, they all can be easily. Simply follow the guide above and you'll have them embedded in no time


Question: I don't want all of my customers seeing the pages I'm adding, they're only for a select few customers. Can I hide them from some people?

Answer: Yes, you can easily hide pages from groups of customers using our built in tagging system. Just follow this link to learn how

Display/hide menu items using tags