[Firstly, please ensure accounts are enabled. Not sure how? Enabling or disabling customer accounts in Shopify]

There are 3 main reasons why our app may not appear in your shop after installation - and we will help you fix any one of them:

  1. Your theme is custom made or not purchased on the Shopify theme store
    We have built our app to automatically install in themes from the Shopify Theme store so if you have a custom made theme or a theme purchased elsewhere - sometimes we need to custom mount our app for you if your theme code is 'non-standard'. 

  2. You previously installed another customer account app and it was not uninstalled correctly
    If you have previously installed another customer account app - we have a lot of customers come over to us and realised they still have lingering code from these apps in there shop that causes errors and issues on the account page. This can conflict with our app - but we know exactly how to fix up all of them, so not to worry!

  3. You have an error in your theme code
    The other fairly common reason is that your theme has an error in the code that causes our app not to load. These errors are generally caused by recent code updates or other apps adding bad code. In many of these instances errors are stopping all of your theme app extensions not to load (ie the apps that your toggle on in your theme customization area). Again - not to worry! Our expert developers will look at your theme and figure out the source of your issue, and either fix it up straight away - or if it isn't something we can resolve - we will advise you exactly who you need to talk to and what you need to tell them to resolve your issue.

For us to fix any of these issues for you ASAP, please just Get in Touch with us and please be sure to include the following in your message:

  1. Your myshopify domain name (so we can look at & send you a request to access your store)
  2. If you have a collaborator code, please supply that for us too.


While we resolve this for you - please feel free to toggle off the app in the same way you toggled it on to make sure that your customers still land on your old account page: