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Before setting up your integration we recommend making sure that your Growave app has been setup and is ready to start using. We've linked below a few Growave help articles to get you started:

Now that you've got your Growave app all setup and ready to go, let's integrate your growave pages into your customer account page

1. Open 'Integrations'
2. Select 'Setup' on the Growave app

3. Enable all or any of the Growave features you want to display in your customer account page
4. Click 'Save'

5. Select the 'Configuration' tab
6. Select 'Menu Builder'
7. Click 'Add Integration Link' (once for each Growave feature enabled)
8. You'll now see each of the Growave menu items added to your menu builder
9. Click 'Save'


10. You'll now be able to log into your customer account page and see the Growave menu items. In the example below, you can see the Growave referral page loading inside of the customer account page.



Question: What can I do with the advanced option during the integration setup?

Answer: If you've updated your Growave Wishlist, Reviews, Refferal or Rewards 'page handle', you'll need to update the page handle field inside of the advanced options to ensure the integration link is pointing toward the correct page

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