Using the Customer Hub built in metafields section you can gather critical customer information through the customer account profile page.

Need to know your customers birthday, gender, pets names, preferred dates or some other piece of custom information? It can all easily be done through our powerful new metafields update.

Leverage metafields to give insight into your customers, giving you the ability to target specific groups for greater marketing campaigns.

Lets show you how it's done:

  1. Open the settings tab inside of your Shopify portal
  2. Select 'Metafields'
  3. Click 'Customers'

  4. Then simply click on 'add definition'

As you can see in the screenshot above, we've already created a few different metafields:

  • Preferred Day For Lessons - Which is setup as a Data and time field
  • Zip Code - Which is setup as an Integer field
  • Want us to update you on upcoming surf lessons? - Which is setup as a Single line text with multiple options for the customer to choose from

For this example, we'll create a new metafield called 'What size board do you use?' and add multiple options for customers to choose from.

  1. First add the name (which is also used as the key in the namespace and key section).
    We'll add the name 'What size board do you use'
  2. The namespace we use by default is 'customer_hub' and we recommend using this, however you can use whatever you'd like, but our app is limited to a single namespace so only make a single namespace.
  3. Select the metafield type you'd like to use. For this example, we've selected 'Single line text' and One value.
  4. We've limited the preset choices so the customer can only select from a list and not enter any text manually.

This can be repeated as many times as you'd like to create as many fields as required for your customers.

A few important things to note when creating your Customer Metafields for use in the Customer Account Hub:

  1. You need to use the same Namespace through out any Customer Metafields you want to add to our app, as our app only allows you to link to a single namespace.
  2. Our app will only work with "One value" Customer Metafields, and will not work with any "List of Values" Customer Metafields you add.
  3. Any Cusomer Metafields must be in one of the following formats that we support:
    • Single line text
    • Multi-line text
    • True or False
    • URL
    • Integer
    • Decimal
    • Date
    • Date and time


Now that you've created your metafieds, it's time to set them up in the customer hub app:

  1. Simply open the customer hub app and select 'Configuration > Metafields'.
  2. Enter the namespace you've chosen (our default is customer_hub)
  3. Click 'Resync Metafields', this needs to be done every time you create a new metafield
  4. You're now able to add these to your customer account page profile for customers to start using. You can also make their choices visible on the dashboard and within the personal information section

Once you've selected and saved the fields you'd like displayed. Simply open the customer account section on your website, navigate to the profile section and you'll see the new fields you've added.

1: You can see in the screenshot below that we've successfully added all of our metafields, including the newly made 'Preferred Day For Lesson' field.

2: You'll also see the fields we've selected to display on the dashboard

You're now ready to start add the new powerful metafields expansion to your customerhub experience.



Question: Can I select multiple namespaces to display?
Answer: No, it's not possible to display multiple namespaces

Question: I'm using an app that's created a different namespace, can I use that namespace with your app?
Answer: Absolutely you can. You can use any Customer Metafields as long as they are single value ('one value') and are one of the types listed just below.

Question: Does your app allow for all metafields?
Answer: No, our app doesn't allow a few fields, we're limited to using:

  • Single line text
  • Multi-line text
  • True or False
  • URL
  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Date
  • Date and time

Question: I'd like to add metafields to the registration page, or add fields you're not compatible with your app, is this possible?
Answer: Yes it is! To setup a registration form that uses metafields or add any fields beyond what our app can do, we recommend using the app from our friends over at Helium Customer Fields which we have natively integrated into Customer Accounts Hub.
For more information on our intergration please visit our help article here.