There are two types of integrations, ones that you "Enable in Menu Builder" and ones that you "Enable in Shop".

If your integration tells you to Enable in Menu Builder - follow all of the steps outlined below to turn on the integration and add it to your account menu.

However if your Integration tells you to Enable in Shop - all you need to do is follow the Enable Integrations section directly below and then it will automatically be active in your shop.


Enable Integrations:

1. Navigate to 'Integrations'
2. Click 'Setup' on the app you'd like to integrate.
    For this example we'll use the app 'PayWhirl Subscription Payments'

3. Toggle the relevant integration sections you would like to use - in this case you would turn on both the Enable in Menu Builder and Enable in Shop 
4. Click Save

Add Integrations to your Customer Account Menu:

This section is for any integration that when enabled says "Enable in Menu Builder".

1. Navigate to Configuration
2. Select Menu Builder
3. Click 'Add Integration Link'
4. From here (point 8 below) you can change the integration selected, update your menu icon and menu text
5. Save changes and your Integration will be active in your account menu.


You'll now be able to login to your customer account page and see the app integration in your navigation menu