Please Note: Customer Accounts must be enabled in your Shop to use the Customer Hub App.

When building a new Shopify store, the customer accounts page is turned off by default.

Enabling this free feature will give your customers a password protected account page to not only manage their purchases, but also purchase and checkout with less hassle by allowing customers to use pre-filled information/addresses stored against their account. 

Enabling your Customer Accounts:

You can make customer accounts required, optional, or disable them altogether. When creating an account, customers are redirected to a separate account creation page. Keep in mind that requiring customers to create accounts might decrease sales conversions.

To transform the Shopify customer account page into a customer engagement platform, built for customer retention and repeat purchase, you can then install and enable the CustomerHub app from the Shopify app store:


Your customer engagement platform


Quick Tip

Only one email address can be associated with a customer account at a time. You can change the email address that's associated with an account through your Shopify admin panel. Or allow your customers to change their email address directly from their account page using the CustomerHub app