Before updating your language options in the customerhub app, please ensure you've added your preferred languages through the Shopify admin > Settings > Languages area.

Not sure how? Follow Shopifys handing guide HERE


Now that you've added the preferred languages to the shopify platform, you're ready to update the language options within the customerhub app.


First navigate to the configuration tab from within the customerhub app and select language 

Click 'Add New Translation' and select the language you'd like to add:

Once you've added the (up to 5) languages you'd like to give your customers access to, simply select the language you'd like to translate from the drop down on the left:

You can now go ahead and start editing the fields. Remember to save your changes before leaving the page.


Need to also update your navigation menu?

Simply go to the 'Menu Builder' and open up the tab you'd like to edit and you'll see the language fields ready to be edited like below: