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Metafield Examples for Your Shopify Store's Customer Account Page: Enhancing Customer Experience with Custom Fields

Adding custom metafields to your Shopify store's customer account page using CustomerHub can enhance the customer experience and provide you with valuable data for your business. In this article, we'll showcase several examples of metafields that you can add to your store to improve your customers' experience and collect relevant data.

  1. Birthday

Adding a birthday field to your customer account page allows you to gather data for personalized marketing campaigns and special offers, ultimately boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

  1. Gender

Collecting customers' gender information helps you tailor product recommendations, promotions, and marketing messages based on their preferences.

  1. Preferred Name or Nickname

Allow customers to input their preferred name or nickname to personalize communications and create a friendlier customer experience.

  1. Shirt Size

If you sell apparel, collecting customers' shirt sizes can help you recommend relevant products and offer personalized discounts or promotions.

  1. Shoe Size

Similarly, gathering shoe size information allows you to suggest products that fit your customers' needs and streamline their shopping experience.

  1. Favorite Product Category

Understanding your customers' favorite product categories can help you create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized product recommendations, increasing the chances of a sale.

  1. Allergies

For stores selling food or skincare products, collecting information about customers' allergies ensures a safer and more personalized shopping experience, as you can offer relevant product suggestions or warnings.

  1. Membership Number

If your store has a membership or loyalty program, displaying customers' membership numbers on their account page can provide a sense of exclusivity and make it easier for them to access their membership benefits.

To add any of these custom metafields to your Shopify store's customer account page using CustomerHub, follow our guides on creating customer metafields in Shopify and displaying custom fields on the CustomerHub app. Remember to use the recommended namespace:


By incorporating custom metafields into your customer account page, you can create a more personalized experience for your customers and collect valuable data to improve your marketing strategies and product offerings.


Want to learn more about how to create custom fields and how to add them to your customer account page? Watch our handy tutorial below: