This is a complex integration - if you are not comfortable making these changes to your shop, please reach out and we will request access to your store and make the changes for you.


Want to display a 'Download Invoice' button on on your orders overview like in the image below? Follow this guide to add it to your shop using Order Printer Pro: PDF Invoice


Open the Order Printer Pro: PDF Invoice app

1. Click on 'Manage Templates'
2. Make sure 'Orders' is ticket
3. Click on  'Setup PDF Link'

4. Select PDF paper size, we recommend 'A4'
5. Select 'Customer account page' as the location you want to add the PDF link
6. Click 'Next Step'


7. Follow the steps outlined in the 'Order Printer Pro' app to "Setup PDF Link" and once done, follow the last steps below:



8. All done with the 'Order Printer Pro' guide? Great. In the CustomerHub app select 'Integrations'
9. Click 'Connect' on the Order Print Pro integration


10. Toggle to 'CONNECTED'
11. Click 'Save'

You're all done! Log into your customer account page and you'll see the new download button available to all of your customers