The CustomerHub app is built to enhance your customers account page straight out of the box with a beautiful design and heaps of built in features, but we've built it in such a way to allow you to power up your account page by integrating your favorite apps.

Using apps like:

  • Customer Fields to capture customer data from the profile page or display customer data directly on the account page
  • Growave to give your customers access directly to their rewards, referrals, wishlists and reviews
  • Paywhirl for customers to manage their subscriptions directly from their account page
  • Return Prime: Order Return allows your customers to return items without the hassle of back and forth emails
  • Order printer pro gives your customers direct access to download their invoices
  • Product reviews shows your customers the star ratings of products in their account page as well as allows them to review any of their ordered products

Below you'll see all of these integrations in place and powering up the customer account page.


Download the CustomerHub app now and turn your customer account page into your Customer Engagement Platform