CustomerHub Plugins: A Complete List to Enhance Your Shopify Store's Customer Account Page

CustomerHub offers a wide range of plugins that can significantly improve the user experience and functionality of your Shopify store's customer account page. This knowledge base article will provide you with a complete list of available plugins and introduce some upcoming features that you can look forward to.

Current Plugins

The following plugins are currently available in CustomerHub:

  1. Show Re-order Button: Enables the "Reorder" button on fulfilled orders within your Customer Account page, allowing customers to click and have their order added to their cart.
  2. Allow Email Marketing Preference Change: Allows your customers to update their marketing preferences from within their customer account profile.
  3. Show Order Notes: Enables order notes on the order details page.
  4. Show Recently Viewed Products: Displays your customers' most recently viewed products inside of the customer account page.
  5. Change Reorder 'Checkout' to 'Go to Cart': Enabling this changes the reorder button to take customers to the 'cart page' instead of the default 'checkout' page, allowing for order customization.
  6. Show Order Status Link: Displays a button on each order that will take the customer to the order status page.
  7. Show Pay Now Button: Enables a pay now button for orders with a pending payment that takes them to their order status page to process payment.
  8. PowerUps (Integrations): Display your favorite app features inside of the customer account page as menu items, buttons, and widgets.
  9. Custom Fields (metafields): Enhance the profile section with custom fields to learn more about your customers (Works with Klaviyo).
  10. Display Order Properties: Display any order properties on the order details page.
  11. Most Ordered Products: Display your customers' most ordered products on the customer account page. Includes Reorder button.
  12. Unlimited Custom Pages & Links: Add unlimited custom pages/links to your customer account menu (download links, YouTube links, blog posts, etc).
  13. Unlimited Shopify Pages: Add unlimited Shopify pages to your customer account menu that load directly inside the customer account page (e.g., About Us, FAQs, contact forms).
  14. Override Initial URL Loaded: Change the initial URL loaded when a customer loads the customer account page for the first time.
  15. Show menu items by Customer Tag: Make certain menu items only visible to customers with a specific tag or tags.

Coming Soon

We're continuously working on improving the CustomerHub app and adding more plugins to provide even better functionality. Here are some exciting features that are coming soon:

  1. Registration Fields: Customize the registration process by adding custom fields to gather more information about your customers.
  2. Cancel Order: Allow customers to cancel their orders directly from the customer account page.
  3. Social Logins: Simplify the login process by integrating social media logins (e.g., Facebook, Google) into the customer account page.
  4. Wishlist: Let customers create and manage wishlists from their customer account page, making it easier for them to keep track of their favorite products.

Stay tuned for these upcoming features! CustomerHub is dedicated to providing the best tools and plugins to optimize your Shopify store's customer account page and enhance your customers' experience.